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COVID and horses.jpg
I love to ride horses, and I have been doing so for 6 years at Legacy Pines Equestrian Center. Due to the pandemic, my barn had to close March 15th and has been closed until May 4th. So this is from the first day I got to see Popcorn (the horse I've…

Mother's Day Parking Lot Church Service - Sign .jpg
These images show how church services have changed during this pandemic. The Pastor stands in the doorway of St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Knox, PA and speaks into a microphone which we listened to over the car's radio. But the feedback was really…

This is my four-year-old son, Adam, wearing a face mask my mother sewed for him.

Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris,) Kita, invading her mom's home "office." Kita's parents are SRU grads Grascen Shidemantle (Class of 2018) and Taylor Buhler (Class of 2017.) They currently live in Binghamton, NY where Grascen is pursuing her PhD…

One of many blog accounts that help to bring a positive spin to looking at what lies ahead.

As a collected effort and as a member of Woodbridge High School, huge thanks to the front line caregivers at Nanticoke Hospital.

Mayor Longo shares the actions of Slippery Rock borough and community partners in the wake of the Coronavirus.

An ovation of healthcare professionals as Mrs. Karen Rich, the first COVID-19 patient at Butler Memorial Hospital, is escorted safely home.
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