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What To Contribute

What counts as a "record" for contribution? Records can be anything representative of your experience during this time - from written or oral stories to social media posts to photographs

Some possible experiences you might contribute: 

  • journal entries or blog posts
  • reflections on losing a job, or missing church, book clubs, or other social activities
  • photos of signs, people "social distancing," social spaces now empty, new family schedules, etc.
  • samples of new hobbies (knitting? painting? taxidermy?) you've used to pass the time
  • adaptations to working from home
  • videos you've made talking about the experience, or to entertain yourself
  • changes to hygiene or equipment for illness prevention (ie, masks)
  • expressions of worry, anxiety, or sadness
  • public Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts 
  • creative writing or art reflecting the experience

They don’t need to be big events, or polished stories. It’s important to make sure that the artifacts of our day-to-day lives during this pandemic don’t disappear, and that we leave some record for future generations to understand this experience.

You may also contribute physical objects to the SRU Archives, which can be donated once the campus reopens. Contact the Archives at rockarchives@sru.edu with a description of your object, and a member of the archives staff will be in touch promptly to discuss the process.