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My baby shower was cancelled due to the pandemic closing down restaurants, so I had a virtual one using Zoom instead. Family and friends mailed their gifts to my house, and I opened everything on camera and coordinated some games using Zoom's…

A blog post about how to pray while handwashing during this time. Using time wisely.

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Originally from Springfield, Ohio, Dennis W. McCurdy holds a BS from Urbana University (1970), attended Hamma School of Theology at Wittenberg University, holds a master’s in counseling (1979) and Juris Doctorate (1990) from the…

Beginning on March 23, 2020, members of our local and not so local community began sharing a nightly lullaby via Blue Row Blog. Our hope is that the lullabies bring a few moments of comfort to those who may need it, every evening.

As the person…

The pandemic turned parents into elementary school teachers. It was exhausting.

In Grove City, residents have placed teddy bears or other stuffed animals in visible spots on the fronts of houses as a way of creating an "I Spy" game for children on repeated walks with their family. This is an especially large example!
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