Feeding/Feasting During a Pandemic


Feeding/Feasting During a Pandemic


Laura Coulter


Mercer County community member


The routine tasks of days on end can become a drag for all; the stay-at-home orders of Spring 2020 revealed. One day I got a text from one of my kids "Dress up for dinner tonight." I made a fancier dinner than I originally planned because of the text. Meal time arrived and so did 4 daughters dressed in prom dresses and the males came in suits! Over the next weeks, once a week, someone came up with a theme I would plan a menu around and the family made costumes or gathered games or music to bring to the table too. 80's night, Dress like Dad night (at which each kid brought their favorite photo of themselves with Dad and re-created the outfit their dad was wearing at the time the photo was taken), a night in Paris (where PM Macron, Remy the Rat, mimes, Lady Liberty, Belle, and other French characters attended). If your family is in a rut, eating and conversing, pick a theme...give each member a task to provide ( food, game, movies, music, decorations) and make COVID-19 not just a isolating experience but create memorable experiences too!



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