4/20/2020 Living through a Pandemic


4/20/2020 Living through a Pandemic


Attached is a photo of the group of people I have been quarantining with throughout this time. Interestingly enough, this group of people was not my typical friend group and they came into my life at a very interesting point. I captured this photo as we watched the sunset over the Mckay Education building parking lot on 4/20/2020. The entire day was full of sunshine and good energy and I knew when I saw that scene through my eyes it was a moment I never wanted to forget. This period of lockdown has been a time of reflection, growth, and new relationships.
Photographed: Natalie Truini, Natalie Erwin, Avery Crosley, David Wiles, and Madison Novotny


Carly Cooper


SRU Student


420 sunset.jpeg



Carly Cooper, “4/20/2020 Living through a Pandemic,” Shared Voices, Shared Experiences: COVID-19 and the Slippery Rock Community, accessed July 13, 2024, http://slipperyrockcovid19.org/items/show/69.

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