One Month Reflection


One Month Reflection


Written on the one month anniversary of Washington County’s Lockdown.


SRU Student


As I write this, it has been one month since Washington County’s lockdown began. It feels so much longer. My world has been changed so much since this whole thing began.

The biggest difference is at work. Everyone has to wear masks, and they’ve had to change the whole layout of the kitchen to maintain “social distancing." We are getting better at it, but the new setup is clunky, inefficient, and confusing. No more than one person at a time is allowed in the break room or the office, so some people have to go elsewhere to take a lunch break. The dining room feels so lonely and cold without the voices of families and friends.

It has been a month since I have seen any of my own friends. We videochat and text, but it’s not the same. It doesn’t feel as real. I miss face to face conversation, I miss handshakes and hugs. I haven’t held my girlfriend in my arms in a month. This is the most painful part of the lockdown. The loneliness.

I have learned quite a few new hobbies, and re-examined some old ones. I can now shoot a coin by snapping my finger, my piano and violin skills have improved, I’ve bettered my Spanish and started learning Irish. I’ve been going to the shooting range and improving my accuracy and draw technique with my pistol. It’s not much, but it helps prevent every single day from becoming monotonous.

One of the most hated things for me is the online classes. Discussion boards and powerpoints can only do so much. They will never replace conversation, authentic discussion, face to face interaction, laughter, and teamwork. I struggle to learn anything, and it feels like I’m just meeting deadlines. With work, it’s hard to keep up with everything, and no matter how many reminders I set, I always miss something. I just wish the whole semester was a pass for everyone, and that I could get on with my life and education when this is all over. I hate to think of what my student teaching will be like if this continues.

In terms of politics, I’m not sure who to believe anymore. Both sides seem to have lost sight of reality, making plans and statements based off the fantasies in their head. They fight constantly, bickering back and forth while people suffer. I’m beginning to lose faith in them for any help. Perhaps the power lies with the people, and not politicians.

I want it to end. I want this whole thing to end, so that we can put it behind us like a bitter chapter in a book. I want this whole situation to be only a distant memory in a history book rather than having to live it as my reality. I want to snap my fingers and have the whole thing be lifted, but I know that’s just wishful thinking. I accept that this lockdown is for the good of the people, and I care more about the people than the politicians. In the people lies the strength to succeed, to overcome, to cure, and to comfort



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