More time to socialize, even when distancing


More time to socialize, even when distancing


SRU Student


Ironically, COVID-19 has given many of my friends more time to socialize with one another. Several of us have used the program "Discord" to communicate for a long time now, through text and voice chat, but after COVID-19 forced us all to stay inside most of the time, everyone has gotten on.

Now, almost every night, there are 3-8 of us talking, sharing stories, pictures, videos, etc., because most of us have more time to do that because we aren't working. Many of us are still doing homework or working from home, but we are able to chat while getting those done.

Before the pandemic, several of us were playing Dungeons and Dragons about once every 2 or 3 weeks, whenever we could all be available. Now, we play several nights a week, over discord, and we are quickly getting used to this new method of "hanging out". It's not something we want to do forever, and we do miss seeing each other in person, but it is nice to have more spare time to do things like this.

We all want to get outside, but having time off of work and with very little else to do has allowed us to connect more in a way, and to really dig into one of our hobbies.



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