Dinner in the time of Covid-19


Dinner in the time of Covid-19


I am a first year tenure-track professor that moved my family into a new home during the lock-down in Butler county. Luckily for me, members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics came to my rescue with a borrowed box truck and strong muscles. However, when it came time to install my washer and dryer, in spite of heroic efforts on the part of my department head and his son, the correct tools and parts were unavailable. At his suggestion, I bought a pair of tin snips for installing the dryer venting, along with a few other required supplies.

A little over a week later, I wanted to add canned potatoes to the soup I was making for dinner, and realized I didn't have a can opener -- perhaps it was lost in the move? In any case, those tin snips came in handy! And yes, by then I had actually managed to install my dryer properly.


Jana Asher, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Jana Asher


SRU Faculty



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