My Easter story


My Easter story


Brenda Clayppole


Mercer County community member


Because of COVID19 my family could not get together on Easter Sunday as we normally do for dinner, games & an Easter egg hunt for the kids.
I am grandma. I have 4 sons & 14 grandchildren.
Since I have some medical issues, I am self quarantining myself in my home with limited visitors & trips outside my home.
I normally make a basket for each child. This year I would do something different. I decided that I would make “family” baskets. I bought 4 decorative totes to put treasures in. In each “basket” I put a board game the whole family could play together, a big puzzle book for all ages & toys/other items for each child.
My sister had volunteered last year to take the plastic eggs home & would fill them for this year’s Easter egg hunt. There are approximately 125-150 eggs.
My sister Marcia, her daughter Bray & son in law Shawn came to my house with the eggs Saturday night. We filled the eggs with toys, candy & money then divided them among the “baskets”.
We put the “baskets” in my car and the 4 of us
Took off to deliver them. Shawn was the “Easter bunny”. I would stop the car down from the houses & Shawn put the “basket” on the porch. We took a picture of each “basket” on the porches so we could send the pictures Easter morning to each family to make sure they found their “baskets”!
We had so much fun filling those eggs & delivering the “baskets”, it might have been the best part of the holiday.
Then at some point through Easter Sunday I video chatted with my boys & their families.
The kids were very excited to find the “baskets” on their porches & rooting for their treasures.
It was definitely a very nice Easter despite COVID19. I thank the Lord that He died for & cleansed us so we could celebrate & enjoy Easter this year.
Thank you for allowing me to tell you my story!





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