Working with horses during the pandemic


Working with horses during the pandemic


I love to ride horses, and I have been doing so for 6 years at Legacy Pines Equestrian Center. Due to the pandemic, my barn had to close March 15th and has been closed until May 4th. So this is from the first day I got to see Popcorn (the horse I've been leasing) since then! Under the new CDC guidelines, we have to wear masks in the barn and limit touching things, as well as have scheduled times we can come be at the time. We are able to ride without a mask on for safety reasons. Luckily, Popcorn was not phased by me wearing a mask, but other horses in the barn weren't as sure about the strange thing covering our faces and would snort at us at first. It is annoying because I wear glasses and they fog up quite easily, but I will do whatever needs done to be able to ride again! This is my sanity during this time.


MaryAnn Steinmiller


SRU Alumni


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MaryAnn Steinmiller, “Working with horses during the pandemic ,” Shared Voices, Shared Experiences: COVID-19 and the Slippery Rock Community, accessed February 22, 2024,

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