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Attached is a photo of the group of people I have been quarantining with throughout this time. Interestingly enough, this group of people was not my typical friend group and they came into my life at a very interesting point. I captured this photo as…

This is my standing desk; my dining room converted to my temporary office (with my Cleveland Indians cup and SRU coffee mug in the shot.) I also chose to leave my daughter's book underneath the dining room table as a reflection of merging work and…

First signs of success.jpg
Expecting that there won't be much summer travel, I decided to keep myself busy and entertained growing my first vegetable garden. This is a picture of the first sprouts emerging in my seedling trays.

Messages written in chalk on bridge in Grove City, PA that encourage social distancing and wearing masks in public

The pandemic has drastically changed our lives in so many ways, including groceries shopping. Groceries stores implement a lot more rules to maintain cleanliness and social distancing, such as one-way aisles, hand-sanitizer stations, signs of…

This is my four-year-old son, Adam, wearing a face mask my mother sewed for him.

And here's a funny clip of my husband (Ben Viatori) and I finding creative ways to stay fit during this time

SRU student Jonah Martin & and girlfriend Grace Drew help deliver foal "Wobble"s at Kismet Arrow Horse Farm.

Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris,) Kita, invading her mom's home "office." Kita's parents are SRU grads Grascen Shidemantle (Class of 2018) and Taylor Buhler (Class of 2017.) They currently live in Binghamton, NY where Grascen is pursuing her PhD…

My Professor recommended that I submit this, and I feel that it is something we are all going through during this time. Animal Crossing, the game, has been a solace for many people.

Mother's Day Parking Lot Church Service - Sign .jpg
These images show how church services have changed during this pandemic. The Pastor stands in the doorway of St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Knox, PA and speaks into a microphone which we listened to over the car's radio. But the feedback was really…

Over the recent months of 2020 the world has come to a halt to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. As many of us sit confined in our homes we may be distanced from our favorite places, activities, and people. Feelings of stress and depression can emerge as…

This is me and my son doing "office work" during SRUs extended Spring Break. I'm moving my courses online and he is doing online school work. He would pick up his pretend phone and say "It's the dean again!"

Wine/liquor purchase as Gov. Wolf considers closing state liquor stores in eastern PA counties.

A personal protection mask littered near a rail line in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

thumbnail_IMG_7212 (2).jpg
Junior Sport Management student Jonah Martin watching the 2020 NFL Draft in quarantine with PJ (Possum Junior).

Slippery Rock Area Take-Out and Delivery Guide.png
While Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has ordered non-essential businesses to close, restaurants are able to provide take-out, drive-thru or curbside orders. Here are the businesses closest to Slippery Rock you can support during the coronavirus…
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