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And here's a funny clip of my husband (Ben Viatori) and I finding creative ways to stay fit during this time

SRU Summary for March 31.pdf
Email from President William Behre to SRU faculty and staff about important campus updates

This is me and my son doing "office work" during SRUs extended Spring Break. I'm moving my courses online and he is doing online school work. He would pick up his pretend phone and say "It's the dean again!"

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 3.15.11 PM.png
COVID-19 came in the midst of a longer debate about the place of online delivery in higher education. I tweeted this in response to an editorial in The Chronicle of Higher Education that asserted the COVID-19 crisis was the "perfect opportunity" to…

Reality of working from home.JPG
Working from home 10-12 hours a day leaves little time for chores. Coffee, Zoom meeting, email email email, quick lunch, answer students' questions via chat, email email email, Zoom meeting, more chat, post research support content online, email…

Wine/liquor purchase as Gov. Wolf considers closing state liquor stores in eastern PA counties.

Presenting at AAA.jpg
I am getting ready to virtually present my research at the American Academy of Advertising (AAA) annual conference from my bedroom.

The pandemic has drastically changed our lives in so many ways, including groceries shopping. Groceries stores implement a lot more rules to maintain cleanliness and social distancing, such as one-way aisles, hand-sanitizer stations, signs of…

Messages written in chalk on bridge in Grove City, PA that encourage social distancing and wearing masks in public

First signs of success.jpg
Expecting that there won't be much summer travel, I decided to keep myself busy and entertained growing my first vegetable garden. This is a picture of the first sprouts emerging in my seedling trays.

A personal protection mask littered near a rail line in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Area churches like New Wilmington Presbyterian Church conducted remote or broadcast-only worship services, where a pastor would lead worship in an empty sanctuary while congregants listened or watched from home on the radio or through an online…

This is my standing desk; my dining room converted to my temporary office (with my Cleveland Indians cup and SRU coffee mug in the shot.) I also chose to leave my daughter's book underneath the dining room table as a reflection of merging work and…

In order to keep the mood light, I showcase how my daily activities look in my “hazmat” gear. It is I intended as purely humorous and satirical.

420 sunset.jpeg
Attached is a photo of the group of people I have been quarantining with throughout this time. Interestingly enough, this group of people was not my typical friend group and they came into my life at a very interesting point. I captured this photo as…

My baby shower was cancelled due to the pandemic closing down restaurants, so I had a virtual one using Zoom instead. Family and friends mailed their gifts to my house, and I opened everything on camera and coordinated some games using Zoom's…

Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris,) Kita, invading her mom's home "office." Kita's parents are SRU grads Grascen Shidemantle (Class of 2018) and Taylor Buhler (Class of 2017.) They currently live in Binghamton, NY where Grascen is pursuing her PhD…
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