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Mayor Longo shares the actions of Slippery Rock borough and community partners in the wake of the Coronavirus.

The pandemic has drastically changed our lives in so many ways, including groceries shopping. Groceries stores implement a lot more rules to maintain cleanliness and social distancing, such as one-way aisles, hand-sanitizer stations, signs of…

Beginning on March 23, 2020, members of our local and not so local community began sharing a nightly lullaby via Blue Row Blog. Our hope is that the lullabies bring a few moments of comfort to those who may need it, every evening.

As the person…

COVID-19  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Coverage.jpg
This is a screenshot of the daily COVID-19 coverage site for the PG on the day that the Democratic Governor declared masks mandatory and the GOP-led state assembly passed a bill to reopen businesses.

President Behre pre-break email (March 3).pdf
Email from President William Behre to the university community concerning Spring Break travel and safety.

Email from President William Behre announcing the extension of Spring Break and its implications to students.

University decision regarding spring break travel.pdf
Email from President William Behre to the university community announcing the cancellation of all spring break study abroad programs.

Email from SRU President William Behre to the university community announcing the move from face to face classes to distance learning

Messages written in chalk on bridge in Grove City, PA that encourage social distancing and wearing masks in public

First signs of success.jpg
Expecting that there won't be much summer travel, I decided to keep myself busy and entertained growing my first vegetable garden. This is a picture of the first sprouts emerging in my seedling trays.

A personal protection mask littered near a rail line in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

As a collected effort and as a member of Woodbridge High School, huge thanks to the front line caregivers at Nanticoke Hospital.

One of many blog accounts that help to bring a positive spin to looking at what lies ahead.

pandemics syllabus page.pdf
This is the page from my syllabus that marks when it went from being a course about pandemics, to being a course running during a pandemic.

Area churches like New Wilmington Presbyterian Church conducted remote or broadcast-only worship services, where a pastor would lead worship in an empty sanctuary while congregants listened or watched from home on the radio or through an online…

Email from the President's Office and HR concerning SRU staff working remotely.

Email from SRU Communication regarding future campus mail services.

Email to SRU staff from HR concerning remote work and paid administrative leave.

Email from SRU President William Behre to faculty and staff regarding the closing of all non life-sustaining businesses
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