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I do surveys online using a platform called YouGov. Recently, I have been getting more surveys concerning COVID-19.

This picture was taken at Baden Steel Bar & Bolt Corp; I currently work there. Cleaning out the door knobs and the costumer counter in the Shipping department are now part of my morning routine. Wearing a mask throughout the day while also using…

The switch to online classes during this pandemic called for new inspiration for assignments. This was a comic book assignment for my photography class.

Over the recent months of 2020 the world has come to a halt to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. As many of us sit confined in our homes we may be distanced from our favorite places, activities, and people. Feelings of stress and depression can emerge as…

SRU student Jonah Martin & and girlfriend Grace Drew help deliver foal "Wobble"s at Kismet Arrow Horse Farm.

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Junior Sport Management student Jonah Martin watching the 2020 NFL Draft in quarantine with PJ (Possum Junior).

My Professor recommended that I submit this, and I feel that it is something we are all going through during this time. Animal Crossing, the game, has been a solace for many people.

Although COVID-19 has restricted churches from gathering since mid-March, many have resorted to live streams and recordings. Music is an essential part of worship and services. There are still people who gather to conduct worship and services for the…

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Attached is a photo of the group of people I have been quarantining with throughout this time. Interestingly enough, this group of people was not my typical friend group and they came into my life at a very interesting point. I captured this photo as…

In order to keep the mood light, I showcase how my daily activities look in my “hazmat” gear. It is I intended as purely humorous and satirical.

Written on the one month anniversary of Washington County’s Lockdown.

A personal protection mask littered near a rail line in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

From my Coronavirus Journal, the last entry before everything shut down in Washington County
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